Your Email Heatmap

Included with is the ability to visualize your past emails and contacts.  From your account page, go to Last Year’s Contacts where you’ll see a page similar to the following.

You’ll see a list of all your contacts over the past year where you’ve engaged with the other person (this leaves out subscribed email and spam unless you happened to respond to that Nigerian Prince).  These contacts are sorted by our system in order of most likely needing follow up to keep the relationship alive.

With the middle columns in the table you can see the name or email address of your acquaintance, the subject of the last email you corresponded with them and the last date of contact.  The subject is a link which will open your Gmail to the last email thread between you and your contact for further context.

On the right-hand side, you’ll see the heatmap for that individual.  It’s the same as the heatmap in your Weekly Suggestions Email but here you can hover your mouse over the individual bars to see the number of emails that were sent during a particular week.  The darker colour means more emails were sent between you and the lighter colour means fewer emails were sent.  Grey means there were no emails sent during that time period.

On the left hand side you have the ability to either set a follow up reminder for the person or ignore them.  If you set a follow up label, the label will be set in your Gmail account as well and you’ll see your Follow Up Draft at the top of your Inbox when that amount of time has passed between contact.

If you click Ignore, you’ll tell the system that this contact is not important to you and they will fall down to the bottom of the list.

What can you use the heatmap for?

If you’re serious about growing your network in a systematic way, it could be a good idea to take a look at the heatmap every month or so.  The heatmap is designed to easily jog your memory so you can remember why you were in touch with them.  It’s amazing how many people we are in touch with over the course of a year but most people fall off our radar.  This is natural but there may be cases where you don’t want that to occur naturally.  This is where your follow up system like can help you out to keep track of your contacts.

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