Find out Who You’re Waiting for a Reply From

If you do sales or outreach, you probably send a lot of email.  You know it can take a few emails to get your contact to take action.  Even if you are tagging contacts for follow up regularly, you may forget some.

With the “Waiting for Reply” section in your dashboard, you can instantly see every email conversation you’ve started in the past 30 days that has not been tagged for follow up and where your contact hasn’t replied.

This provides you with a quick way to find anyone that could require a follow up from you because they haven’t replied to your call to action.

Like our other dashboards built with the idea of helping you engage and touch base with your acquaintances more easily, this dashboard offers you the ability to set a follow up cadence on your contact right from the dashboard.  You can also click on the subject to directly open up that email thread in your GMail or Google Apps email account in order to follow up right away with him/her.

In the Weekly Suggestions email you receive, there is a section that includes these contacts but only for the past week.  This dashboard gives you the ability to see everyone for the past month.  It can be very helpful in making sure that important conversations don’t fall off your radar.


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Matt McCormick

Matt is the host of "7 Minute Sales" - a podcast from the perspective of a developer-founder who is learning to sell and market more effectively. Follow my journey and lessons learned at Matt is also the founder of - A Better Follow Up System for Gmail.