7 Minute Sales is a podcast from the perspective of a developer-founder who is learning to sell and market more effectively.  I’m taking 6 months off (Jan-Jun 2016) to work on my business idea – TouchingBase – and see if I can turn it into a sustainable business.

The podcast mainly focuses on short, 7 minute stories about personal sales and marketing experiences.

Why 7 Minutes?

When I was in Toastmasters, I learned to make speeches that were usually 5-7 minutes long.  7 minutes is enough time to get a good story or message across but short enough that it forces you to focus on just the important parts.


Have an interesting story to say? Interested in being a guest?  Email me at matt <at> touchingbase.io and I’ll be in touch.  If you want, you can also record your story and send it to me as an MP3.