Find out Who You’re Waiting for a Reply From

If you do sales or outreach, you probably send a lot of email.  You know it can take a few emails to get your contact to take action.  Even if you are tagging contacts for follow up regularly, you may forget some.

With the “Waiting for Reply” section in your dashboard, you can instantly see every email conversation you’ve started in the past 30 days that has not been tagged for follow up and where your contact hasn’t replied.

This provides you with a quick way to find anyone that could require a follow up from you because they haven’t replied to your call to action.

Like our other dashboards built with the idea of helping you engage and touch base with your acquaintances more easily, this dashboard offers you the ability to set a follow up cadence on your contact right from the dashboard.  You can also click on the subject to directly open up that email thread in your GMail or Google Apps email account in order to follow up right away with him/her.

In the Weekly Suggestions email you receive, there is a section that includes these contacts but only for the past week.  This dashboard gives you the ability to see everyone for the past month.  It can be very helpful in making sure that important conversations don’t fall off your radar.


Your Email Heatmap

Included with is the ability to visualize your past emails and contacts.  From your account page, go to Last Year’s Contacts where you’ll see a page similar to the following.

You’ll see a list of all your contacts over the past year where you’ve engaged with the other person (this leaves out subscribed email and spam unless you happened to respond to that Nigerian Prince).  These contacts are sorted by our system in order of most likely needing follow up to keep the relationship alive.

With the middle columns in the table you can see the name or email address of your acquaintance, the subject of the last email you corresponded with them and the last date of contact.  The subject is a link which will open your Gmail to the last email thread between you and your contact for further context.

On the right-hand side, you’ll see the heatmap for that individual.  It’s the same as the heatmap in your Weekly Suggestions Email but here you can hover your mouse over the individual bars to see the number of emails that were sent during a particular week.  The darker colour means more emails were sent between you and the lighter colour means fewer emails were sent.  Grey means there were no emails sent during that time period.

On the left hand side you have the ability to either set a follow up reminder for the person or ignore them.  If you set a follow up label, the label will be set in your Gmail account as well and you’ll see your Follow Up Draft at the top of your Inbox when that amount of time has passed between contact.

If you click Ignore, you’ll tell the system that this contact is not important to you and they will fall down to the bottom of the list.

What can you use the heatmap for?

If you’re serious about growing your network in a systematic way, it could be a good idea to take a look at the heatmap every month or so.  The heatmap is designed to easily jog your memory so you can remember why you were in touch with them.  It’s amazing how many people we are in touch with over the course of a year but most people fall off our radar.  This is natural but there may be cases where you don’t want that to occur naturally.  This is where your follow up system like can help you out to keep track of your contacts.

Stay in touch with our Weekly Suggestions Email

TouchingBase makes it easy to keep in touch with the people you’ve tagged for follow up. But what about people you’ve forgotten to label? You can be the most diligent person but there can still be times you forget to label someone for follow up. There are many things that happen during the work day that could make you lose your train of thought.

Even if we’re diligent about using a follow up system, some people will slip through the cracks. We’re human and that’s why we need systems to help us out. At TouchingBase we realise you may forget to label an important person for follow up. That’s why every week we send you a Suggestions email that provides you with a personalized list of people that are of interest to you.

Here is an example:

In the email you receive 1) a short blurb about your follow up stats for the past week.  If you’re interested in tracking your progress with follow ups, you can use this as motivation or a way to know if you’re achieving your goals.

2) The Last week section provides you with a list of all email threads from the past week which haven’t received a reply from the other person and you haven’t labeled them for follow up.  You probably don’t need to follow up with everyone from these threads – after all, there’s a lot of email sent that doesn’t need a reply.  If you’re doing sales or outreach, however, this list could give you a good reminder that maybe there is someone who you are waiting for a reply from.  You can easily set a follow up label on the thread right from your email by clicking on the time interval you’d like to set them under.  The labels presented are the same ones you have available in your Gmail account.

In the 3) People section, you’ll get a list of 5-10 people who you haven’t marked for follow up but our algorithms have identified as being possibly interesting.  You can see from the example that this person is Aaron.  On the far right you can see  that it’s been 10 months + 1 week since I was last in touch with him on Aug. 26, 2016.  You also have his email address and the subject line of the last correspondence (identified here as Re:).  Since it’s been a while with no contact, the subject line can be used to help jog your memory as to what you talked about.  The subject line is a link.  If you click on it, it will open up your Gmail account to that last conversation so you can read through it to get a better understanding of what you talked about.

The vertical bar is our email analysis heatmap:The bar represents one year of time broken up into 2 week segments.  The grey sections mean there was no communication during that time.  The green sections represent communication with darken greens representing more communication and lighter greens representing less communication.

From this example you can see that since my last contact with Aaron was over 10 months ago, the green sections are to the far left of the heatmap.  It looks like I was in touch with Aaron over a period of around a couple months and there was a time in the middle that had more communication.  This could have been a discussion or trying to schedule something.  You can see after the period with more communication there was a break and then a lighter discussion.  This could represent a waiting period and then final communication to wrap up the topic we were talking about.

If you’re using TouchingBase for sales and relationship building, the heatmap can give you insight into how your communication works and you can try to identify patterns to help you in the future.

In my experience, around the 6-9 month mark is where someone starts to slip out of my memory.  Our algorithm uses this as a guideline to suggest relevant people to you when it’s the right amount of time for a possible check-in email.

You’ll receive the email once a week but if it’s too frequent you can change the settings by replying to it and letting us know that you’d like to update it.

By looking over our Weekly Suggestions Email you’ll be able to make sure you’ve followed up with everyone recently and you’ll also be reminded about contacts from the past with whom it might be a good idea to reach out to again to make sure you stay on their radar.