Which Mindset Do You Email With: Abundance Or Scarcity?

The other day, a TouchingBase.io customer cancelled their subscription.

I value each and every one of my customers, so I immediately reached out to him. I barraged him with questions: What were your issues? What were you hoping to get out of the service when you originally signed up? Do you want to have a call and talk about it? Continue reading Which Mindset Do You Email With: Abundance Or Scarcity?

Inbox Advisor: Smart Solutions To Your Follow-up Problems (Vol. 1)

Welcome to Inbox Advisor, an advice column brought to you by the masterminds behind TouchingBase.io. If you want to turn leads into paying clients, using email reminders is only half the battle. The other half is actually writing and sending the email! Tell us what’s stopping you from sending that follow-up, and we’ll find a solution. Email matt@touchingbase.io or leave a comment below to share your dilemma.

Dear Inbox Advisor,

A few weeks ago, I went to an event. There were lots of former co-workers and clients in attendance, and I had a blast reconnecting with all of them. I was chatting with a former boss of mine when a woman approached us. I recognized her face immediately, but couldn’t think of her name or where I knew her from. Despite my confusion, I initiated a friendly hug and gave her my business card.

I treated her like an old friend, but I had no idea who she was. Continue reading Inbox Advisor: Smart Solutions To Your Follow-up Problems (Vol. 1)

How To Beat The Competition With Maximum Persistence

Here’s a statistic I’ve been carrying around in my pocket lately:

80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th follow-up.

And 44% of sales reps give up after just ONE follow-up.

Whether you’re a salesperson, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a consultant, or heck, even a guy trying to sell a lawnmower on Craigslist, follow-up is vital to seal the deal.

So many of us think that the most important part of selling is what happens upfront. We spend hours of time writing our pitch emails, crafting beautiful sales pages and tweaking our products or services to perfection.

“If I can just get this one thing right,” we think, “the offers will come pouring in!”

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. It’s what happens AFTER the cold call, the first pitch or the networking event that matters. What counts is how you keep the conversation going. Continue reading How To Beat The Competition With Maximum Persistence

Don’t Let Negative Mental Scripts Stop You From Following Up

I have a problem: I talk myself out of following up.

It’s ironic, especially because I’m the founder of a follow-up email reminder service.

Following up seems like a no-brainer. You meet someone, you sense they might be interested in your consulting services, you follow up with them via email later on. What’s the big deal?

The big deal is, I get in my own way. And so do dozens of other consultants, freelancers and entrepreneurs I know. We have these negative mental scripts, these harmful thought spirals that stop us from getting in touch even when it’s the right thing to do.

Here’s an example.

I met a cool guy who was really excited about TouchingBase.io. We had a phone call about three months ago to chat about it, and he was incredibly pumped. After our call, I followed up via email.

Then I followed up again.

And again.

I didn’t hear anything back. Continue reading Don’t Let Negative Mental Scripts Stop You From Following Up

Defeat “Boring Email Syndrome” By Using Humour

Let’s face it: your emails are boring.


If you’re following up as much as you should be, it’s unavoidable. You email the same people again and again. You run out of new and interesting things to say. Sometimes, you sound like a broken record.

Fortunately, there’s a weapon you can use to defeat “Boring Email Syndrome”: humor.

I recently attended a fantastic workshop hosted by Rachman Blake, the genius behind the FunnyBizz Conference. Rachman is all about using humor to win business, and he shared some great ideas that you can use in your everyday follow-up emails.

(And no, you don’t have to be a comedian to pull it off. Anyone can make their follow-up funnier.)

Let’s start with your subject line. It’s the very first thing someone sees when they get your email, and it can be the difference between your email being opened or ignored. Think of your subject line as the ultimate ice-breaker, a tool to make the recipient feel comfortable talking with you. Continue reading Defeat “Boring Email Syndrome” By Using Humour

The Power of Give And Take: Get What You Want By Giving First

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of attending DCBKK, a conference hosted by the Dynamite Circle mastermind group in Thailand.

I was having lunch in a beautiful outdoor restaurant with some of the people I’d met up with at the event. Under the trees, we were sharing stories of networking and business deals gone awry. Someone shared this experience with me:

Out of the blue, a consultant had emailed this guy offering to critique his landing page for free. They had a phone call to go over the results, and the consultant totally tore the landing page apart. It was incredibly negative, and the guy was taken aback. He felt terrible, being told by a stranger how much his page sucked in such a harsh way.

He found out later that this consultant had recently lost a big client and was scrambling for new work. He thought he was going to lure in new clients by giving away consulting services for free. The problem was, he was so desperate that he ripped apart a potential new client instead of really helping him.

With such a bad taste in his mouth, there’s no way this guy was going to hire the consultant for anything, ever.

There’s constructive criticism, and there’s crossing the line. This consultant crossed the line.

I picked up on two morals from that story: Continue reading The Power of Give And Take: Get What You Want By Giving First

Ready To Stand Out From The Crowd? Network Like A Bad Ass

How do you stand out from the crowd?

This is a question I think about a lot. As founder of TouchingBase.io, I want my business to stand out from the competition. As a web developer, I want to stand out from others in my field. That’s human nature. We all want to be special. We want people to recognize that we’re unique. Heck, we just want people to like us.

As a freelancer or consultant, you face this challenge every day.

How do you make a splash? How can you make new leads pay attention? Especially when they’re busy meeting other people, drowning in email, and distracted by cute kitten videos?

At a conference a few weeks ago, I got some great inspiration about using your follow-up sequence to stand out. Big thanks to Ryan Meo for sharing his insights with me (and with you).

Ryan is the founder and owner of The Website Project, a really smart business that works with agencies to create custom WordPress websites for their clients.

In a field crowded with competition, Ryan knew he had to do something big to make leads pay attention. A few phone calls and emails wouldn’t cut it if he wanted to seriously grow his business.

So, he started doing something different. Continue reading Ready To Stand Out From The Crowd? Network Like A Bad Ass

Networking Secrets I Learned On The Dance Floor

I was a beginning salsa dancer when I went to my first “open dance.” The room was full of strangers, and I didn’t know anyone there. It was up to me to ask a woman to dance.

Only one thing stood in my way: Absolute and total fear! I was shaking in my shoes, completely terrified to introduce myself to a stranger. What if she laughed at me? Or just brushed me off? I’d feel like an idiot and it would ruin the entire night.

I stood against the wall, watching other people happily salsa-ing the night away. The more I watched, the more I understood the reality of the situation: Everyone here is as scared as I am.

Everywhere I looked, guys were nervously asking girls to dance, and girls were nervously glancing around the room hoping to be asked. Everyone had their own fears, but they were putting themselves out there anyway.

In that moment, I knew that all I had to do to overcome my insecurity was get over myself and just ask. So, I approached a woman and asked her to dance. I’m pretty sure my hands were sweating, and I may not have spoken a complete sentence, but I did my best.

Imagine my surprise when she said yes! Later, I approached someone else, and someone else. Some people said yes, some said no. But the more I practiced, the easier it got.

I had the time of my life, and I never looked back. Continue reading Networking Secrets I Learned On The Dance Floor