010 Yasmine Khater: Overcoming My Mental Blocks to get More Repeat Clients

Yasmine Khater talks about overcoming her mental blocks to get more repeat clients and the ONE question she asks that leads to an 80% closing rate.

Yasmine Khater is an award-winning entrepreneur, world traveler, speaker and the creator of Earn 5K. She’s known for whipping business owners into shape through her Earn $5K program, Sell Out Service, Fearless Sales Intensive and Fearless Luxury Sales Retreats.

Since quitting the corporate world, Yasmine has coached dozens of service based business owners to scale their six and seven figure small businesses through building trust-based marketing & sales funnels, developing airtight systems and a fearless mindset.

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When I first started my business, I don’t know, three years ago now, I had been doing it part time and I had been coaching on the side for about a year maybe even a year and a half. But never took it seriously then one day I realized that actually I was making nearly what I made in my coaching business and my full time job. When I started to go on to it full time, all of a sudden I had all these blocks where I couldn’t repeat the same success because now that I have to depend on myself to make my income, it just kind of freaked me out.

One of the advice I heard really, really early on was from a really good friend of mine who said, “Yasmine the easiest way to get a customer is to get a past client, and the second easiest way is to get referrals from the past client.” He said if you work with people and you really help them have massive success in terms of their sales grow and at the time I was also doing even career coaching, even getting you jobs. I just couldn’t ask for the referral I could not even up sell to a client who all ready paid me who said, “Oh my gosh”.

I even had clients tell me like, “Can I work with you again?” I tell them no because I just felt really uncomfortable with accepting money again because I felt that I should have solved that problem the first time around. But then later on kind of thinking about it I realized that problems come up again and again and you can solve for your client different problems. Instead of just feeling guilty that I couldn’t fix everything in the first round of working with them, that takes the fact that I knew what and I also was good at what I was doing and that if I didn’t start asking people or that I even know if they can tell their friends about me.

I was actually causing more harm to other people and it was a massive mindset shift because that’s why I realized that sales is the biggest act of service because you are helping somebody solve a problem. What was really ironic is I used to actually work in sales and I was actually really good at it but when it came to selling myself, we typically have all these hesitations about can I deliver and will my clients get massive results and so forth.

I guess I just had to hit rock bottom. I think at that time I had like $1,000 in my account lapse and I was like, okay I had to reach like the very rock bottom where I had to pay for rent. If I didn’t have any more money I would be stuck and as a result of that within, I think like six weeks I was able to full up my roster and had more clients than I could handle just because I asked for referrals. People actually want to work with you and people actually want their friends to also get help as well. I guess the reason why I didn’t ask for referrals at the very beginning is or even ask for up sell was because I was just really honestly afraid.

I was afraid that I would get rejected. I don’t know it seemed like really dumb because when somebody says yes to you once, obviously they like you enough, but I felt that if I got rejected the second time around it would hurt more than it would if I got rejected in the first round of the sales. I guess I’m thinking to myself that oh yeah maybe I’m an impostor, maybe I’m a fraud, maybe no one was going to actually buy from me again. I guess it was more of that mental chatter that took up a lot of space instead of doing what I had to do. Because I was really straight forward to actually do it and I was actually ready to get those clients at the end.

What I did at the time is I ended up basically looking at all my client contracts that I had signed and I had made a list. I think there must have been about like 12 or 14 people that I had listed and I just emailed them and said like, “Hey, how are you doing, I’m just checking in on you. Wanted to see how everything is and if you are up to scheduling, you know like a quick checkup call to see how the progress has been since you asked for it together.” Then from there I think like 80% just booked a call within less than a day. Basically I had those calls and during those calls it was really great because I had worked with those people for at least around six to 12 weeks. Obviously we had a lot to share, they told a lot of these like aha moments that they were able to get and so forth.

I just naturally asked them what they are struggling with right now and they pretty much opened that up and all I had to do was to say, “By the way I can definitely help you solve those problems”. They got actually very excited, so I think from that whole activity, half of them signed up to work with me again. I also asked the ones who didn’t sign up with me, I said, “If you have any friends who are struggling with this, I do have a 30 minute complementary audit that I can help them solve these problems.”

I think from there I, was able to book I don’t know four to five calls from referrals of other people’s friends, of which I closed about 80% of them as a client. I think the biggest lesson here is to really think about the fact that, if you are having any of these mental blocks that are maybe holding you back, just the question where do they come from and does that actually make any sense? Our jobs, I think business owners as well, not just consultants or whatever you do is to be able to help our clients solve problems. If they have more problems, that’s perfect. If you can help them solve those problems as well that’s perfect as well. And not hold ourselves back. What I have learned throughout the process is the fact that building businesses is like, you’re going to be facing new devils each time. When you meet the new devil, either a emotional block or systems block or a growth block, it’s just about realizing that it’s a new devil new level, and it’s a part of you upleveling yourself as a business owner to grow your empire.

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